Sasha WieserCEOLerchengasse 24/251080 Vienna, Austria+43 1 890 8376+43 664 233 84 11
Born 17.03.1959 in Vienna. Before working as a film director and editor for commercials Sasha Wieser completed his degree in economics and studied drama theory in Vienna.

In 1989, he founded the company SYNCHRO FILM, VIDEO & AUDIO, which became Austrian largest postproduction house.
From 1995 -2005, he was the head of development for the animation program of CINE CARTOON Filmproduktion. Later, he worked among other things as a scriptwriter, editor, co-developer and director for several animation series.

Sasha Wieser was one of the founders of EASTWEST Filmdistribution and has been its general manager since late autumn 2004.
Steve WalshConsultantLerchengasse 24/251080 Vienna, Austria+43 1 890 8376
Steve Walsh, veteran UK producer of both live action and animated movies, is a shareholder who acts in an advisory capacity on acquisitions and sales.
Yannick RudynskiSales and Acquisition ManagerLerchengasse 24/251080 Vienna, Austria+43 1 890 8376+43 664 510 41 66
Almost 12 years ago Yannick started to work at the French Institute in Budapest as an audiovisual representative. He was organizing festivals, promoting French cinema and developing bilateral cooperation.

After this nice experience Yannick started to work for a production company - specialized in TV games. Soon he wanted to expand other territories and tried selling websites, but didn't like it in particular. So he joined IBM to try himself in a fortune 500 company. After 2.5 years Yannick was missing the audiovisual industry so bad that he could only accept, when he was offered the sales position at EastWest. Since then, he is enjoying his job a lot.

His favorite movie from the EastWest collection is "Mirage”. The story is simple but very well shot and the acting is wonderful.
Carolin SternFestival and Office ManagerLerchengasse 24/251080 Vienna, Austria+43 1 890 8376
Carolin started working at a local TV-and radiostation in Germany while studying "theater- film- and media sciences" at the University of Vienna. Getting to work on different filmsets, she fell in love with the motion picture – however, at the same time, she realized that her vocation was to focus on the administrative part of the film business.

As office- and festival manager of the EastWest Filmdistribution, she handles the office processes and is also responsible for finding the best and most suitable festivals for the films of the EastWest collection all over the world – a task that she enjoys a lot.
Elisabeth SchulzFestival CoordinatorHead-Office24/25 Lerchengasse1080 Vienna, Austria+43 1 890 8376
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