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Tom Malloy discusses #Screamers.

2018-04-02Digital Journal

Screamers - Review 2018

Synopsis : When an internet company decides to investigate a series of 'Screamer’ videos, they are confronted with havoc and hell they could never expect.

Review :

First i would like to congratulate Ronalds and Malloy for setting the bar higher for found footage films. Also well done on a great cast. Sometimes in these type of films the acting can be a little worrying and it can feel a bit fake. This is the opposite. The acting is so good that after 30 minutes into the film i had to remind myself it was a horror and not a documentary on a real company.

I need to say something about Ronalds directing techniques because he seems to add a little suspense in there between scenes (Mainly snow falling at dark but it has the desired affect) The lighting the settings, i can’t praise any of it enough.

The plot is an original plot which is clever, confusing at times but still very clever and hasn’t been done like this before. Now when you make a film about screamer videos, then throw in a missing girl… oh and then lets add a bit of Francis Tumblety (A Jack the Ripper Suspect) Then you are surely on to a winner. As a Ripperologist i squealed with excitement when i saw this bit of the plot.

All i can say is you need to watch this beauty of a film. Oh and one last request, can we please have a sequel???!!

2018-03-30Lestat Horror

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