A Heros Welcome

Original Title: Nacht vor Augen

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

Brigitte Maria Bertele disturbing debut [...] Hanno Koffler as aggressive bed-wetter haunted by his nightmares succeeds in waking sympathy for the washed-up character.

2008-02-11Hans-Jörg Rother

Die Zeit

"A Hero's Welcome" describes very realistic a phenomenon that seems to appear after wars: The speechlessness of returnees. And the lack of interest of society to what they have experienced.

2008-02-14Carolin Ströbele

ZDF Aspekte

"The film comes along quietly, but hits the audience directly and takes it beyond the festival. [...] An impressive film that shows with shocking clarity, that war continuies in the minds of soldiers long after their return home."

2013-02-11ZDF Aspekte

Die Welt

Britta Bertele shows in an authentic way how politics rules even in the heads of simple people. David returns as a zombie from a war that no one understands.

2008-02-12Eberhard von Elterlein
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