At Swim-Two-Birds

Original Title: In Schwimmen-Zwei-Vögel

The Irish Times

The subversive humour of Flann O'Brien's daring and complicated comedy not only transfers brilliantly from the page to the screen in Kurt Palm's hilarious d├ębut movie, it also works well in German.

Der Standard

Singularly unbrilliant.

Die Presse

The highest degree of absurdity in the cinema.

Salzburger Nachrichten

Certificate: weird.


Bizarre characters, fanciful pitfalls and a double-bottomed dramatization.

The Irish Times

An imaginative and hilarious screen version of Flann O'Brien's subversive comic masterpiece.

Media Biz

A bright spot on the silver screen.

Media Biz No. 39


A terrific farce.

TV Media

A bizarre tale of magic abounding in powerful poetical imagery.

Oberösterreichische Nachrichten

A weed-like sprouting of the flowers of fantasy.


A cult movie.

Neues Volksblatt

Original, outstandingly produced, delightful casting.

Wiener Zeitung

[... ] a blazing hell-fire (...) a breathtaking ride on the ghost train.
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