Combat Girls

Original Title: Kriegerin

Reinhard Kleber

David Wnendt's Combat Girls want to provoke, and they do, but they also make the audience think.

ZDF Aspekte January 13th

This movie knows what it is talking about... impressive performance

ZDF Aspekte January 13th


Director David Wnendt filmed a drama, which is currently a hot topic because of the Zwickauer Nazis.


Combat Girls .... an alarmingly good film. The movie abstains from claptrap and allows insights to the soul.

Robin Hackemesser


The sight is what makes the film outstanding. It is unconfinedly told from a female point of view and offers the audience a welcome change

Der Tagesspiegel

David F. Wnendts "Combat Girls" caused quite a stir. Alina Levshin from Odessa mimes in this good investigated Neonazi-drama the hateful supermarket cashier Marisa, somewhere in eastern Germany. By listening to songs called "holocaust reloaded" she and her friends try to get in the right mood for acts of violence. But then the ideological assurance fades. "Combat Girls" is a bold, authentic film.

Katrin Hillgruber


Combat Girl is not the sort of film, the audience feels immediately sympathy for . Even the milieu in which his main character - a young woman of 20 - is involved, seems unappetizing. The social drama set in the Neo-Nazi scene of some small city somewhere in Germany. From [the Filmfest] Munich it feels so far away, as if there is still an iron curtain between. Director and writer David Falko Wnendt takes a close look at the world of rune-tattooed skinheads and their lives. It would be missleading to say, that the images are authentic, but Wnendt knows how to draw a picture of the sub-hatred (anti-) culture


Plus factor of the film are the phenomenal performances of the actors, in particular by Alina Levshin and Gerdy Zint, whose intensity is scary.

Marcus Fliegel

Rolling Stone

A masterful debut feature illuminates the fascination with violence among young people in the right-wing scene and goes where it hurts

2012-01-19Oliver Hüttmann
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