Keep Rollin'

Original Title: Vielen DANK FÜR Nichts

Schweizer Illustrierte

"The directors managed to create this light tragicomedy and given the fact that they are dealing with a serious topic, it has been a challenge."


Neue Züricher Zeitung

"Blues Brothers on wheels."


Basler Zeitung - Kultur.Woche

"The actors are saving the film from becoming a 'pal-film'. But on the first place, the film just makes you laugh."


Die Welt

“[…] This film is not just staged precisely, it also uses the possibilities to show wheelchairs and their drivers in a humoristic way. The directors manage to create funny pictures and dialogues. Joel Basman is very convincing as Valentin, which surprises even insiders. ”


Berliner Zeitung

“With this “phat” comedy, Hillebrand and Paulus want to dismantle borders between disabled people and the ‘average folk’. They also show courage to engage seriously disabled as protagonists.”


Berliner Morgenpost

“A great and truthful film which shows that inclusion is not just a buzz or an UN-convention. Humor is the key to open this bulky door.”


Mannheimer Morgen

“[…] Keep Rollin’ is a feel-good film that encourages the audience. Through its young characters one can say that it is a teenage film. The film deprives from any categorization and not only broaches the issue of inclusion but also carries it out through the great cast. […] Hillebrand and Paulus manage to turn this special case into a universal story. Never let anything get you down and it always helps to change the perspecitve. The film shows that in an exciting and entertaining way, but never forgets the abjection of life.”



“The film is an enthralling drama for the young audience with a romantic touch that overshoots the mark with a playfully staged attack on a gas station.”



“[…] the film convinces as a pleading for a better co-operation without pity, where the commonalities of people with and without disabilities come first.”


EPD Film

“[…] as little assholes on wheels, Valentin and his friends become acting subjects. […] the story develops to a Paralympic crime thriller with not so political correct moments. […] Integration is never painless and does not lead to a harmonic together: this is the message of Paulu’s and Hillebrand’s film about disabled people that also shows Hamlet’s “To Be or Not to Be” from a different perspective.”


Aargauer Zeitung

"Touching, politically incorrect and funny."


Art-TV - Kulturfernsehen im Netz

"... the film is terrific: funny, tender and has lots of drive."


Die Wochenzeitung

"In this light and entertaining comedy the story is set around Valentin (birriant: Joel Basman) who is wheelchair-bound since his snowboard accident."

2014-01-23Sonja Wenger

Neue Züricher Zeitung / NZZ Online

"Nikki Rappl and Bastian Wurbs, who are both wheelchair-bound, were celebrated by the audience together with actor Joel Basman, who is playing a handicapped person."

2014-01-27Geri Krebs


“Since the great film "Something About Paris "in 2002, there was no German film dealing with disabled people in a more relaxed way, than ‘Keep Rollin’. […] The directors are using the society’s uncertainty towards disabled people.”



"Keep Rollin' is a funny film and the best proof that comedy can open up genre restrictions through listening, watching and working together."

2014-01-26Michael Sennhauser
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