Letter to America

Original Title: Pismo do Amerika


´Can a long-lost song save a friend from death in a New York hospital?´
Kamen an aspiring theatre director emigrates from Bulgaria to America to work in New York. His best friend Ivan a frustrated, but aspiring writer, stays behind in Sofia with his girl-friend Nina. One night, Ivan learns that his best friend has suffered a possibly fatal car accident in New York and is in hospital in a coma. Denied an America visa to be by his friend, Ivan hitch-hikes across Bulgaria armed with a video camera to the village where Kamen was born in search of his friend´s grandmother. He remembers that she used to sing a song `About life that passes as a Shadow`, a song that can resurrect the dead according to Bulgarian folklore. A song that may save his friend´s life. Ivan´s odyssey explores friendship, sanity, myth, faith, inspiration, death, life and hope.
LETTER TO AMERICA - EastWest Filmdistribution GmbH