London Payback

Original Title: The Smoke (UK title)

pissed of geek

The Smoke at times feels slow and some of the story decisions are questionable, especially the amount of time it takes for the thugs to actually focus on Di’Angelo’s character. It can be forgiven though for the humour it seems to have, as well as the heart put into it. Lighter than the usual gangster flicks, it may be the fact it doesn’t take itself all that seriously that makes it fun.

2014-12-03pissed of geek

developer´s accomplice

The Smoke is another London gangster comedy. It’s not the most original but has some laughs and keeps you entertained.

2014-12-03developer´s accomplice

Culture fix

The Smoke puts some entertaining twists on the usual Brit-gangster clichés and has a lot of fun doing so. A charming lead-turn from Di Angelo and slick, tense direction from Pickering puts The Smoke well above the usual genre-fare.

2014-12-03Culture fix
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