Original Title: Rettet Raffi

tz (Munich)

"No matter how old and hardened you might be - you'll watch the adventure of this button-eyed dynamo with excitement!"

2015-10-22tz (Munich)

Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Munich)

"In his new film (...), Agthe manages to balance between an emotional family situation and the adventure of Raffi, which only starts after his operation."

2015-10-21Sueddeutsche Zeitung (Munich)

Hamburger Morgenpost (Hamburg)

"A charming kids film of the old school. But also for all the adults whose love for hamsters has stood the test of time, 'Raffi' is a must see."

2015-10-22Hamburger Morgenpost (Hamburg)

Abendzeitung (Munich)

"'Raffi' trumps with funny action scenes and a realistic stubborn fight between brother and sister, packed in a heartwarming family movie."

2015-10-22Abendzeitung (Munich)


"This kids film about the search of a young boy for his hamster is a very intriguing city adventue (...). The story is remarkable for its authenticity, its original characters and its great cast."

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