Shirley - Visions of Reality

Hopper moves

"Very interesting and a dazzling formal beauty. The work of scenery and photography to acquire the tone and texture of the painting is wonderful "

2014-08-07El Pais

A stimulating intralinguistic dialogue between film and painting

"With a setting of carefully theatrical interiors which mimics precisely the details of Hopper's paintings, Shirley: Visions of a reality not only sets in motion the paintings in question but detailing the historical context in which they were conceived (...) intralinguistic dialogue between the film and the pictorial, meritorious study of space and lighting that explores both the influence of Hollywood in the pictorial production of Edward Hopper as the determining influence of alive paintings in film from prehistory middle "
Guide (Pablo Ignacio Rico)

2014-08-08Guia del

'Shirley: Visions of reality'

TV report in Spanish


'Shirley: Visions of reality', Hopper on screen

Gustav Deutsch brings us a film that portrays thirteen paintings of Edward Hopper, an interpretation of his paintings takes us through the story of a woman during decades of change in the US.

2014-08-08Cadena Ser

A true delight

An idea so simple and clear: turning alive Edward Hopper's paintings, as "film" on the other. It is what makes Gustav Deutsch, Austrian avant-garde filmmaker (it is a reference name of film found footage), from a dozen one of canvases Hopper: insert into thirteen exquisite September pieces to actriz Stephanie Cumming, who can adapt perfectly to the proposal of becoming something less than a character in a model.

Rather than surrender to the game a little inane of the seven differences (how much recreation original is it?), The viewer of this lilting and elegant experiment, a real aesthetic spectacle, have time to stand diverse reflections on cinema, photo and painting .

For example: to get too close to a painting is that their "figures", for more realistic look at first, are nothing but strokes; Deutsch plays to find the static flatness of the canvas other types of strokes: trim fiction. Or: narrative become what is not is achieved from the duration and sound that evokes the offscreen, including sound introspective monologues that pinpoints this allegorical and plural Shirley. A true delight.

La Vanguardia

"The multifaceted Gustav Deutsch is not inspired by Hopper but appropriates it, thirteen significant paintings, brilliantly recreated, who gives life and movement (...) more pictorial than film, the result of the experiment is not without its spell "La Vanguardia

2014-08-08La Vanguardia

The Hollywood Reporter

"In Shirley, Visions of Reality, Austrian filmmaker, architect and experimental artist Gustav Deutsch scores a remarkable success in reproducing 13 of Hopper’s most famous oil paintings on film, setting off his own meticulous production design with the brilliant lighting by cinematographer Jerzy Palacz.

Deutsch’s careful analysis of Hopper’s approach to his subjects contributes to the illusion of seeing a movie-size painting as much as the lighting and set design. Often, for instance, the fixed camera has a very voyeuristic feel in observing the girl in her underwear, much like the p.o.v. of a film audience.

Looking like a mysterious cross between Julianne Moore and Jessica Chastain, Cumming uses her very expressive body and eyes to create the mood of each painting. As her silent boyfriend Steve, and later her boss in “Office at Night,” German thesp Christoph Bach is a ghostly presence without a line of dialogue."

2014-02-10Deborah Young


"Edward Hopper's work comes to life in this film."



"Beautiful and impressive ... "



"... Beautiful example of imitating art ... "


Preview Magazine

"Experimental and beautiful ... "


Preview Arthouse

"Stylized film ... tight ... exactly, visual and conceptual"



"fascinating film"


JP Ekker

"Great vision ..."


Het Parool

"Great job by cameraman Jerzy Palacz."


De Telegraaf

"impressive ... admirable ... "



"Subtle ... ... lovely ..."


De Filmkrant

"Exceptionally beautiful styling ... A slow and stealthy approach in silent emotion ... " ****


NRC Handelsblad

"Much more than live paintings. " ****


De Volkskrant

"Everything is ... exact ... delightful ... fabulous looking ... magical ... stunning ... A soft heady summer dream. "

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