Snow White The Sequel

Original Title: Blanche Neige, la suite


An irreverent look at what happened the morning after Snow White married Prince Charming. Did they find marital bliss? Or was the Prince a bounder who would jump into bed with the first girl who came along? Picha's fourth animated movie is definitely not for children or nostalgic adults, but teenagers and young adults will love it. The film starts where the Brothers Grimm and everyone else left off. Snow White married Prince Charming... but that´s when the Good Fairy decided she wanted the Prince for herself, and it was all DOWNHILL from there.
How could poor Prince Charming cope with Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella, when he was already married to the most beautiful, innocent woman in the Kingdom? And how would Snow White survive the scurrilous attention of her´dear little friends´ the Seven Dwarves, while her husband was off doing his princely duty? A new take on a dozen fairy-tales featuring characters we have all known and loved ... until now.
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