Super Furball

Original Title: Supermarsu


Emilia is a divorce kid from East Helsinki. She goes to school, lives with her Mom and sometimes her Dad and her life couldn’t be more ordinary. But one day, Emilia’s pet hamster bites her finger. Emilia gets a secret superpower to transform into hyper hamster, which can fly and solve problems with its superpowers. At the same time, the herrings in the nearby Baltic Sea bay are screaming for help. Poisoned water has made them irate, and they’re threatening the peace and quiet in all of East Helsinki. As the hyper hamster, Emilia takes on to salvage the situation and finds ways to be more courageous in her own life.
The hyper hamster is a story of courage, friendship, being different, environmental issues and the wonderful things mundane life can throw at you. Movie is freely based on Paula Noronen's children’s books. The film was set to premiere in January, 2018 and reached more than 250.000 admissions in Finland.
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