The Farm



The Farm is a darkly comic crime thriller about a South African hop farm besieged by bungling gangsters. Old school white farmer Franz Muller and his family, friends and farm workers are trapped and utterly baffled as they barricade themselves into the big house, bullets flying all around them. No electricity, phone lines, mobile coverage or neighbours. Although they have a few hunting rifles, Franz deeply distrusts and therefore refuses to arm his black workers, who must make do with machetes and sharp sticks.

Indeed, from the outset, Franz' domineering decisions are informed by ancient prejudices and machismo, as are the choices of all the men involved: the gangsters, police, the Mullers and the farmworkers. It remains for some very strong women - especially Jayne (a white sharpshooter with a sharp mind) the family maid, Precious, and patriarchal farm worker Cesar's wife and daughter - to be the voices of reason. But will cooler heads prevail, or will they be overruled by testosterone and the enduring legacy of Apartheid?

Meanwhile, his crew diminishing as the besieged fight back, 'tsotsi' (gangster) leader Bulelani begins to wonder if he's even in the right place. Slowly putting two and two together, he suspects that he's been misinformed: is there really an illicit cache of diamonds in the farmhouse?

As things increasingly fall apart, people on both sides dying one by one, everyone is asking themselves the same question about everyone else: What were they thinking?!
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