The Path to the Past

Original Title: Bittere Kirschen

Albrecht Behmel

Path to the Past is a quiet, complex and challenging film that doesn't show itself to the audience immediately and whose allusions to classic and pop culture complement in a humorous and melancholic way.

Albrecht Behmel

Filmkritik Online

A surreal-real road movie. [...] The social embedding of the protagonists is introduced through artistic manipulation. Their relationships and attitudes is arranged in an authentic and discreet way. The level of time and place, present and past is mixed up. The protagonists are confronted with people from former lifetimes and memories become real. [...] Told in an epic way, the script editors allow the story to develop. [...] Thanks to the great cast, the movie is even more impressive. [...] A road movie worth seeing.


70 years after the end of World War II the question of how to deal with the past remains a key issue. Traveling through both history and personal stories, the film takes a lot of risks, somewhere between surrealistic elements and classical drama, in order to understand how a journey to the past can lead to a meaningful future.

Sophie Charlotte Rieger
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