The Prince Of Crime


A story of Camorra, revenge and regret: the double life of Marcello Cavani, born into a simple small-town family near Naples. After the sudden death of his father, Marcello joins the Camorra following in the footsteps of Gennaro, his elder brother. Marcello, AKA Alendelòn, is lively and elegant, a passionate young man who loves competition. He falls in love with Rosaria, a determined and stubborn girl, yet simple and true. They get married: Marcello is a devoted and enamored husband, an irreproachable family man. Yet, outside his family, his other life as a Camorrista slowly but steadily reaches the point of no return. Has the time come for Alendelòn to pay for all that he has illegitimately gained?
THE PRINCE OF CRIME - EastWest Filmdistribution GmbH