New Acquisitions

2021, director’s cut; Thriller, black comedy; Hungary; 88 minutes; Hungarian; Subtitles: English

In 1951 Budapest secret police barges into the life of an ordinary family, locking them up in their own home for days – along with all their visitors. Read more

2020; Road movie; Ukraine, Germany, Georgia, Bulgaria; 112 minutes; Original Language: Georgian, English, German, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, French, Russian; Subtitles: English

With Georgia’s capital under siege in 1992, unemployed film director NIKA sees a unique opportunity to escape the ravages of civil war.

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2019; Comedy, Music; Israel; 90 min; Hebrew; Subtitles: English

The Electrifiers is a coming of age comedy centred on a 60-year-old teenager. Mickey Tevel, the Electrifiers’ lead singer, keeps dreaming and believing he could take America by storm with his music.  Read More

2020; Drama, War; Latvia, Czech Republic; 110 min; Latvian, German; Subtitles: English

The Sign Painter is a tragicomedy about a young Latvian man (ANSIS) with simple dreams: to marry the free-spirited and beautiful daughter (ZISLA) of a local Jewish merchant and to pursue a career as an artist whilst supporting himself as a sign painter. Read More

2020; Comedy; Austria; 85 min; German; Subtitles: English

A dysfunctional group of wannabe survivalists hunkers in a bunker to prepare for doomsday.  But will their narcissism, delusions and jealousies end up killing them off before their long-awaited dream of a global cataclysm?  Read More

2018; United Kingdom; Comedy, Coming of Age; 95 min; English

Eaten by Lions tells the heart-warming story of half-brothers Omar (Antonio Aakeel) and Pete (Jack Carroll), who were raised by their Grandma after their parents were tragically killed by lions in a bizarre accident.  Read More

2018; The Netherlands, Belgium; Thriller, Football; 92 min; English, Mandarin, Dutch; Subtitles: English

When his gambling addiction blows up his life on every front, low-tier professional footballer Jermaine tries to escape, making one bad choice after another.  Read More

2019; Drama, War; Germany, UK; 108 min; Language: German, English, Syrian Arabic; Subtitles: English

The Accidental Rebel is a tense drama about a young musician who flees the Syrian civil war to attend university in Germany. Read More

2018; Finland; Drama, Romance; 108 minutes; Language: Finnish; Subtitles: English

After WWII, a young woman named Anni defies her upper-middle class family of bakers by marrying Veikko, a young lumberjack and wounded war veteran. Read More

2018; Denmark; Supernatural Comedy; 104 min; Language: Danish; Subtitles: English

Revenge of the Necromancer is a supernatural thriller about a teenaged heavy-metal Satanist named Jimmy who wants to use magic to bring his dead mother back to life.  Read More

2018; Finland; Family, Comedy; 94 min; Language: Finnish; Subtitles: English

Harri, a deeply troubled father seeking to reconnect with his son, Simo, soon finds that escaping his past mistakes will take more than moving to a remote Finnish village. Read More

2018; Austria; Drama; 93 min; German; Subtitles: English

Chris is a young police recruit with a special forces unit where the working atmosphere is rife with male rivalry, testosterone and peer pressure. On one of his first missions he shoots an aggressive man and is immediately celebrated as a hero. Read More