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Original Title: Varg


Nejla (Robin Lundberg) has an unlimited admiration for his uncle, Klemens (Peter Stormare), a solitary man who is taking care of his brother’s small herd of reindeer after losing his own and falling on hard times. Klemens lives in close contact with nature and in tune with the changing seasons. Nejla would like to follow in his uncle’s footsteps and live like him, but his parents put pressure on him to abandon this disappearing lifestyle. When the reindeer are viciously attacked by the wolf straying in the area, Klemens and Nejla react without regard to the law. The desire to protect their dwindling herd brings them into conflict with the rules of society, but forces Klemens to stand up for his nephew.

Technical Information

2008; Sweden; Family, Adventure; 86 minutes; 35mm, HDCAM-SR; 1.33:1 (4:3); Original Language: Swedish; Subtitles: English


Daniel Alfredson


Kerstin Ekman


Håkan Karlsson


Jörgen Perzzon


Adam Norden


Migma Film AB


Anita Oxburgh


Peter Stormare


Robin Lundberg


Rolf Degerlund


Marie Delleskog

Pe Nisj

Gustav Kling


Daniel Alfredson (“Millennium I & II “) is one of Sweden’s most prominent directors. He was born in 1959 and straight after school he started working within the film industry. He has worked as an actor, prop buyer, art director, casting director and first assistant director on a number of films. In 1990 he directed his first production for Swedish Television, a part of The Evening News (Kvällspressen), scripted by Jan Guillou. After that he directed a number of thrillers, among them The Man on the Balcony (Mannen på Balkongen), one of the series of Sjöwall/Wahlöö films. He wrote the script himself and was awarded a Guldbagge (the Swedish equivalent of the Emmy awards).. It was the first film he directed with the director of photography Peter Mokrosinski. Their collaboration continued on a number of films and in 1997 Daniel won a Guldbagge as Best Director for the film Tic Tac, also with Peter Mokrosinski as Director of Photography. The film was innovative and follows a number of characters during twenty-four hours. The following year they made Straydogs in English with English actors.

Daniel also directed the TV-movie The Death Bell (Dödsklockan) based on a novel by Kerstin Ekman and scripted by Jonas Frykberg.Daniel’s latest film, Sinners in Summer Sun (Syndare i Sommarsol) was premiered in 2001. Since then he has been Director of Drama at Swedish Television.

Daniel is now returning to the screen with the impressive story WOLF (VARG) based on an original screenplay by Kerstin Ekman. It was their previous collaboration and their shared interest in nature and animals that made Kerstin Ekman want to write an original story straight for the screen. She has written for a director with an understanding for living conditions far away from the cities and with an ability to translate her words into a strongly visual language. Daniel could not wish for a better base for his imagination and filmic talent. This time he chooses to work with our internationally renowned Director of Photography, Jörgen Persson.

Selective Filmography

Feature Film

2012 Odjuret

2009 Verdammnis

2009 Vergebung

2001 Syndare i sommarsol

1999 Die Totenglocke

1999 Straydogs

1997 Tic Tac (II)



2000 10:10


Known primarily for his twitchy work Stateside with the Coen brothers (“Fargo”) and on television, Swedish native Stormare here employs an occasionally skittish stoicism strongly reminiscent of vintage Clint Eastwood. It’s a commanding perf, and it’s matched in intensity and purpose by newcomer Lundberg as that rare teenager more interested in preserving tradition than in playing vidgames.


Eddie Cockrell


Peter Stormare was one of Ingmar Bergman’s chosen actors at the Royal Dramatic Theatre in Stockholm. For eleven years he played leading roles in Bergman’s theatre productions. He also performed in his TV and film productions, among them Fanny and Alexander. In the early 90s Peter decided to stay in the US and make a career in films. His international breakthrough came through his ruthless portrait of a callous murderer in ”Fargo” by the Coen brothers. After that he has played in a number of prominent Hollywood productions such as Armageddon, The Brothers Grimm, Minority Report, The Big Lebowski etc. with directors such as Steven Spielberg, John Woo and Terry Gilliam as well as in films by the Nordic directors Peter Naess and Lars von Trier. He has also appeared in a number of television productions, notably Prison Break as the mob boss John Abruzzi. His latest production in Sweden was Wolf, where he played the leading character Klemens. The script was written by the well known Swedish writer, Kerstin Ekman, and directed by Daniel Alfredson. Wolf won the Best Artistic Achievement award and the Ecumenical Prize at Montreal 2008.

Peter Stormare is the uncle of one of Corridor’s directors, Johan Storm, and has always taken a keen interest in his nephew’s career. When he read the Corridor script he insisted on being given a part in the film.

Selective Filmography

Feature Film

2013 The Last Stand

2013 Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

2003 Bad Boys II

2000 Chocolat

1998 The Big Lebowski

1998 Armageddon

1997 The Lost World: Jurassic Park

1996 Fargo