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Sascha Wieser


Lerchengasse 24, 1080 Vienna, Austria

+43 664 233 8411

Yannick Rudynski

Sales and Acquisition Manager

Lerchengasse 241080 Vienna, Austria

+43 664 510 41 66

Marek Poznerowicz

Sales and Acquisition Manager

Lerchengasse 24, 1080 Vienna, Austria

Mob:+43 6601687926

Susanne Wieser

Back Office

Lerchengasse 24, 1080 Vienna, Austria

+43 1890 8376

Lukáš Meinhart

Social Media & Communication

Lerchengasse 24, 1080 Vienna, Austria

Mob: +43 681 20268674

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About us


EastWest Filmdistribution is an independent feature and documentary film sales company, specialised in promotion and sales of high quality European cinematic art. The company was founded in November 2004 by Sasha Wieser and Steve Walsh who each have over thirty years of experience across all aspects of international film production and distribution. The team operates on an international basis with a strong network of experienced film professionals and is engaged to finding the right markets for each movie. EastWest has a passion for world cinema and a firm belief that the films represented by the team deserve and will find a worldwide audience.

Sasha Wieser is one of the founding members of the association EUROPA INTERNATIONAL . In general the idea is to represent and defend the interests of film exporters who are key players involved in the financing and distribution of European cinema. The goal is to create a real network for sales agents to enable a better collaboration with other European organizations on different future topics like digitalization, material delivery etc. Thanks to its key position in relation with producers, distributors, exhibitors and festivals, Europa International intends to share its broad experience in order to prepare efficiently the future of the MEDIA programme.


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