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EastWest Filmdistribution GmbH

Lerchengasse 24/25

1080 Vienna


Tel: +43 1 890 8376


Managing Director: Mag. Alexander Wieser

No. in register of companies: FN 255 384s

Commercial Court Vienna

VAT No: ATU61279333


Wirtschaftskammer Wien – Fachverband der Audiovisions- und Filmindustrie

Industrial inspection board:

MA63 Zentralgewerberegister Wien

Access to applicable trade-conditioned or occupational regulations:

Enterprise purpose:

Promotion and sale of quality European and Independent feature films

Webdesign & Development:

Robert Reschke


1. Content

The owner of the website does not accept liability for the up-to-datedness, accuracy, completeness or quality of the information and data provided. Claims against the owner in respect of material or unquantifiable damage resulting from use or non-use of the information and data provided or from use of incorrect or incomplete information or data are excluded, provided it cannot be proven that the owner acted with intent or in a grossly negligent manner. This applies correspondingly to downloads and data files provided.

Offers made are non-binding and subject to confirmation. The author expressly reserves the right to change, supplement or delete sections of web pages or the entire offer or to temporarily or permanently discontinue the publication. The information and particulars contained in these web pages do not constitute any assurance or guarantee, whether expressly or by implication. Statements made in respect of any legal or tax requirements and consequences do not apply outside Austria. The applicable prices are those as valid on the day of delivery, subject to any contrary provisions contained in the conditions of sale or delivery. Any prices quoted to our contractual partners are non-binding recommended prices.

2. Referrals and links

The owner will not be liable in respect of direct or indirect references to third party websites (so-called “hyperlinks”) that fall outside the owner’s area of responsibility unless the owner has knowledge of the content of these websites and it is possible and reasonable from a technical point of view for the owner to prevent use in relation to illegal content.

The author hereby provides an express declaration that at the time at which the link was established there was no visible illegal content on the linked web pages. The author has no influence whatsoever over the current or future design, contents or copyright of the linked web pages. Accordingly, the author hereby expressly disassociates himself from the contents of all linked web pages that have been amended after the link was established. This statement applies to each and every link or reference that has been set up on the owner’s website, as well as to contributions by third parties in the guest books, discussion forums and mailing lists set up by the author. Liability for illegal, incorrect or incomplete content and in particular for damage arising from use or non-use of such information rests solely with the provider of such web pages, to which the user was linked, and not with the person who made the reference to the relevant publication via the links.

3. Copyright and trademark law

In all its publications the owner shall use its best endeavours to respect any copyrights in relation to graphics, sound documentation, video sequences and words, to use its own graphics, sound documentation, video sequences and words or to have recourse to graphics, sound documentation, video sequences and words that do not require a licence.

Any trademarks or brand names used in connection with the website, some of may which have been registered by third parties, are subject unreservedly to the provisions contained in the relevant Copyright & Trademark laws and laws governing title as applicable to the relevant registered owner. The mere identification of a brand or trademark shall not allow the conclusion to be drawn that trademarks are not subject to third party rights protection! The copyright in items that have been created and published by the owner rests solely with the owner of the web pages. Any duplication or use of such graphics, sound documentation, video sequences or words in any other electronic or printed publications shall not be permissible without the express consent of the owner. All rights are reserved. All labels, trade names and logos of EastWest Filmdistribution GmbH are registered / copyrighted the rights of which rest exclusively at EastWest Filmdistribution GmbH.

4. Data protection

Where as part of the website an opportunity is provided of entering information that is personal or business-related (e.g. email addresses, names, addresses), this information is expressly deemed to have been disclosed by the user on a voluntary basis. The services on offer may be used and paid for – insofar as possible and reasonable from a technical point of view – without providing personal or business data or by use of anonymous information or pseudonyms. It is not permissible for third parties to use published contact details that have been provided in the website’s legal notice or by comparable means, such as postal addresses, telephone or facsimile numbers or email addresses, for the purpose of sending information that has not specifically been requested. The owner expressly reserves the right to take action against any sender of so-called spam emails in the event that this prohibition is violated.

5. Legal effect of this limitation of liability

The limitation of liability provisions are deemed to form part of the internet offer, which makes reference to this webpage. Should any sections or individual provisions contained in these statements not or no longer comply with the current law in full or in part, then this shall not affect the remaining sections in this document as to its content or validity.