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The Gospel Of Us

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This theatrical contemporary re-telling of the Passion takes place across the town of Port Talbot, with its inhabitants as its cast, crew and heroes!

The town is in thrall to ICU, a sinister, authoritarian and merciless corporation depleting the town of its resources with scant regard for the residents. The atmosphere is explosive. Resistance is inevitable. When a company man and suicide bomber clash on the beach, catastrophe is only averted by the intervention of a softly spoken man who had disappeared 40 days earlier. Revealed later as the Teacher (Michael Sheen), he attracts followers and becomes a focus for the Resistance. His influence quickly draws the attention of ICU, who perceive him as a danger who must be removed at all costs.

Technical Information

2012; United Kingdom; Drama, Religion; 114 minutes; DCP, HDCAM-SR; 1:1.77 (16:9); 5.1 mix; Original Language: English, Welsh; Subtitles: English


Dave McKean


Owen Sheers


Anthony Sutcliffe


Jason Bevan, Dave McKean


Dave McKean, Ashley Slater


Rondo Media Production


Eryl Phillips

The Teacher

Michael Sheen

Homeless “John”

Matthew Aubrey

The Stranger

Nigel Barret


Jordan Bernarde

Company man

Hywel Simons


David McKean (born 29 December 1963 in Maidenhead, Berkshire) is an English illustrator, photographer, comic book artist, graphic designer, filmmaker and musician. His work incorporates drawing, painting, photography, collage, found objects, digital art and sculpture.

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2011 Luna

2005 MirrorMask

2004 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

2000 Asylum

1998 The Falconer


TV Series

1996 Neverwhere



2002 N[eon]

1998 The Week Before



Wales –


Best Actor & Best Sound

Oct 09


Oct 02 – 06 (in competition)

New Empress

[…] Whenever Michael Sheen is on screen, one can easily see the near magical quality of what this live theatre event must have felt like on the day it was preformed. Both working from a script and then clearly improvising and responding to the huge crowd around him, Sheen’s charisma and acting skills shine through.

New Empress

Cine vue

[…] Michael Sheen is renowned for being an accomplished character actor with his realistic portrayals of David Frost, Nigel Clough and Tony Blair winning him some much deserved critical acclaim, however in The Gospel of Us he takes on a far more controversial role in attempting to put a contemporary slant on Jesus Christ. Amongst the myriad of untrained extras Sheen is clearly in a league of his own beautifully expelling both great fragility and humility whilst successfully appearing as a worthy messiah.

Cine vue

The ViewLondon Review

[…] Sheen’s performance stirs an emotional response, with audience members moved to tears as he is beaten following his arrest.

The ViewLondon Review

The Guardian

[…] He [David McKean] keeps things visually interesting and exciting, overlaying images and using the occasional separately filmed segment.

The Guardian

Evening Standard

[…] The Gospel of Us has a powerful and disarming sincerity of purpose.

Evening Standard

Little White Lies

[…] The result is, in a word, bizarre. Rearranging, abridging and recontextualising the Bible with the dominance of the supreme deity, Sheen has created a Welsh testament that reflects on modern times. It’s a religious mash-up of documentary, fiction and animation so weird and shocking, you may as well have just watched your local vicar skank his way through a Sunday service to Skrillex

Little White Lies

One & Other

[…] The film is a visual delight, directed by the creative genius Dave McKean, an English illustrator, photographer, comic book artist, graphic designer, filmmaker and musician. […] The Gospel of Us is thought- provoking and inspiring – Port Talbot’s future beginning immediately The Passion ends

One & Other

The Arts desk

[…] director Dave McKean has taken this title and managed the incredible dual task of producing a lasting memorial to the incredible events of that weekend while also making a film that stands in its own right as part of the pantheon that recount “the greatest story ever told”.

The Arts desk


[…] a thought provoking and uplifting film well worth a viewing for anyone with an interest in innovative theatre



Sheen puts in the performance of his life as The Teacher


The Guardian

[…] a stylised documentation of the event

The Guardian

Michael Sheen has proved himself equally accomplished on both stage and screen. His many award-winning stage performances include CALIGULA and FROST/NIXON at the Donmar, and HAMLET at the Young Vic. He created, co-directed and performed in the ground-breaking live event THE PASSION in Port Talbot for National Theatre Wales. He has starred in three films nominated for Best Film at the Academy Awards – THE QUEEN, FROST/NIXON and MIDNIGHT IN PARIS. He is a Vampire in THE TWILIGHT SAGA and a werewolf in the UNDERWORLD series. Other films include THE DAMNED UTD, ALICE IN WONDERLAND and TRON LEGACY. On TV he has given award-winning performances in both FANTABULOSA (as Kenneth Williams) and DIRTY FILTHY LOVE, and created the memorable character of Wesley Snipes on 30 ROCK. In 2009 Michael was honored with an O.B.E. for his services to Drama.

Selective Filmography

Feature Film

2013 Admission

2013 Mariah Mundi and the Midas Box

2012 Breaking Dawn – Bis(s) zum Ende der Nacht: Teil 2

2011 Midnight in Paris

2008 Frost/Nixon

2005 Kingdom of Heaven

2003 Underworld


TV Series

2013 Masters of Sex