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Welcome To The Machine

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The 12 Commandments of music business brought together in one film. The secret of success, the purpose of music awards, the whole truth about recording contracts and nine other monstrosities. “Welcome to the Machine” is not just a rockumentary, but also uncovers the whole truth! Not always dead serious, but most definitely pitiless – after all it’s just about this one big question: Is there one right way to Fame?

Technical Information

2012; Austria; Documentary, Music; 90 minutes; HDCAM; 1:1.77 (16:9); 5.1 mix; Original Language: English, German


Andreas Steinkogler


Wolfgang Auer, Florian Niederwimmer, Andreas Steinkogler


Hannes Höttl


Andreas Steinkogler


Sarah-Anne Grill


Robert Grabner


Andreas Steinkogler is an Austrian visual artist, dj, music video director, and film director. In 2003, already engaged for several years in advertising film projects, he made his first steps as a live visual artist. Since then he worked for the likes of LCD Soundsystem, Pendulum, Killing Joke, Tiefschwarz and Alex Gopher. He has also dj’ed at the biggest electronic clubs in and around Vienna. Never forgetting his film roots, he produced and directed several music videos for Austrian bands, some of them shown at music video festivals worldwide, and also directed a handful of industry based films. In 2012, he made his next career step with the release of his first feature-length rockumentary “Welcome to the Machine”, a documentary about the inner workings of the global music industry.

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