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No Babies On The Field

Original Title: Dames 4

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Wyne is 32 – and lonely. Her boyfriend Arjen leaves her because she doesn’t share his wish for children, just as her roommate and friend Nanda moves out to live with her partner. In her frustration, Wyne decides to start a women’s football team. Soon, she has gathered a bunch of ambitious but quite hopeless players and even convinces Nanda to join in.

But instead of bringing the two closer together, football drives them apart. Wyne wants to party with her new friends, but Nanda is not the loyal buddy she used to be. Like all women around her, she is obsessed with the thought of having a baby and so Wyne has to overcome her own doubts to fight for her best friend.

Technical Information

2015; Netherlands; Comedy, Women; 84 minutes; DCP; 5.1 mix; Original Language: Dutch; Subtitles: English


Maurice Trouwborst


Lotte Tabbers


Menno Mans


Dorith Vinken


André de Raaff


CTM Pictures, VARA


Sander Verdonk, Denis Wigman


Hannah van Lunteren


Jennifer Hofman


Ryanne van Dorst


Maaike Martens


Sanne Verboom


Özlem Solmaz


Maurice Trouwborst graduated in 2006 at the Utrecht School of Arts. His graduation film “Jef” – a fictional, absurdist tale about the Dutch soap actor Bartho Braat – won three awards. After this, he directed several short films including “Stalker” and the viral “A Merry Hunt”, as well as the TV movie “Urfeld”. In addition, he directed a documentary series about the Black Cross for the VPRO and music videos for artists such as De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig.

Selective Filmography

Feature Film

2012 Urfeld



2006 Ladybird

2006 Jef

coming soon…

coming soon…

After studying at the Toneelschool Maastricht, Hanna van Lunteren started her acting career in “De nieuwe moeder” by Dutch director Paula van der Oest. She has starred in numerous TV series and films and was a member of the ensemble at the renowned Ro Theater, Rotterdam, for 9 years. Today, van Lunteren works as a free lance for film, TV and theatre.

Selective Filmography

Feature Film

2010 Lang & Gelukkig

2005 Guernesey

1996 De nieuwe moeder


Jennifer Hofman was born in Gouda in 1980. She has appeared in various TV shows and soaps and is well known in the Netherlands for her performance in the series “Westenwind”, “Spoorloos verdwenen” and “Verborgen gebreken”.

Selective Filmography

Feature Film

2015 Rendez-vous

2013 Bro’s Before Ho’s

2009 Spion van Oranje

TV Series

2012 Doktor Tinus

2011 Comedy Live Ensemble

2009 Verborgen Gebreken

2006 Spoorloos verdwenen

1999 Westenwind