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Short synopsis

In 1951 Budapest secret police barges into the life of an ordinary family, locking them up in their own home for days – along with all their visitors.


In 1951 Budapest, the communist secret police shows up at the door of an ordinary family – but instead of deporting them, the officers move in and lock them up in their own home. And anyone else who comes knocking on the door …

Days go by without any explanation and the situation gets more and more absurd as secrets, lies and paranoia begins to unravel the growing number of captives in the apartment.

An incredible but true story from Academy Award winning director Kristóf Deák.

Technical Information

2021 – director’s cut; Thriller, black comedy; Hungary; 88 minutes; DCP, ProResHQ, 5.1 mix; Original Language: Hungarian; Subtitles: English

Kristóf Deák

András Vörös

Director of Photograpy
Francisco Gozon

Ádám Balázs

Mano Csillag

Máté Péterffy

Set designer
Gábor Valcz

Costume designer
Judit Sinkovics

Andrea Steinhauser

László Dreissiger
Gábor Osváth

Árpád Szirmai
Gábor Rajna
Attila Faragó

Executive Producer
Mano Csilag
Liza Kozma
Dorottya Ócsai
Tamás Csutak
Ferenc Pusztai

Eliza Sodró as Sára

Zsófia Szamosi as Ilona

Ernő Fekete as Ernő

Gábor Jászberényi as Lieutenant

Ferenc Lengyel as Sergeant

Gábor Csőre as Captain

Levente Molnár as Rezső

Ádám Porogi as Guszti

Kristóf Deák

Kristof Deak is a Hungarian filmmaker from Budapest, known for his short film SING (Mindenki) which won the Academy Award for Best Live Action Short in 2017. A graduate of the MA Film Directing program at the University of Westminster in London, he writes, directs and produces in both English and his native Hungarian. His works focus on relatable characters overcoming injustice in inspirational ways.

Captives (Foglyok) 2019

Sing (Mindenki) 2017

Hacktion (TV-Series) 2012

2019 – in competition
Goa IFF (India)  – international premiere

2020 in competition
Łagów (Poland) – Lubuskie Film Summer
Waterloo (Belgium)

Further festival screenings in 2020
Miercurea Ciuc (Romania)
Cluj Napoca (Romania)
Tirgu Mures Alter-Native IFF (Romania)
Palics FF (Serbia)

July-August 2021
Atlantida Mallorca Film Fest

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