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The Last Days of Gilda

Original Title: Os Últimos Dias de Gilda

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Gilda loves cooking, men and life. But for her narrow-minded, religious neighbours this self-confident, independent woman who butchers pigs in her garden and has more than one lover, is increasingly becoming a thorn in the flesh.

Technical Information

2021; Series; Brazil; 100 minutes; DCP, ProResHQ; Aspect Ratio: 2.39:1; Mix: 5.1; Original Language: Portuguese; Subtitles: English

Created, Directed and Produced by Gustavo Pizzi

based on the original play by Rodrigo de Roure

Screenplay by Gustavo Pizzi, Karine Teles

Line Producer Carlos Eduardo Valinoti

Cinematographer Pedro Faerstein

Art Director Dina Salem Levy

Costume Designer Diana Leste

Editor Alice Furtado

Sound Recordist Frederico Massine

Sound Design and Mix François Wolf

Original Soundtrack Pedro Sodré, Rudah

Post Coordinator Guga Nascimento

Colorist Hebert Marmo

Karine Teles as Gilda
Julia Stockler as Cacilda
Antonio Saboia as Wallace
Ana Carbatti as Jandira
Lucas Gouvêa as Inácio
João Vitor Silva as Alvinho
Higor Campagnaro as Ismael
Renato Luciano as Hiram
Bruno Balthazar as Pastor
Erom Cordeiro as Sargento Jordão
Dida Camero as Mãe Tereza
Inez Vianna as Celina
Camilo Pellegrini as Cabelo
Digão Ribeiro as Miliciano 2
Philipp Lavra as Miliciano 1
Mauricio Piancó as Miliciano 3

Gustavo Pizzi is a director, screenwriter and producer. His first film was the documentary “Simple Past” (2008). His first fictional movie, “Craft” (2010), premiered on SXSW and was exhibited in more than 50 international festivals and museums like MoMA.

Gustavo co-directed the documentary series “Oncotô” (2013) exhibited on TV Brasil (39 ep / 30 min) and was one of the screenwriters of the series “Call me Bruna”, Fox Film (2016 – 2017).

In 2018, he released “Loveling”, which premiered at Sundance and attended several festivals like Rotterdam, Gottemburg, Málaga, Karlov Vary, CPH PIX, among others, totaling more than 80 festivals around the world. “Loveling” was also negotiated for the commercial circuit of 25 territories like France, Benelux, Spain, Mexico, Portugal, USA, China, Australia, Servia, and others.

In 2021, Gustavo’s latest project, the mini-series “The Last Days of Gilda” (4×30) was selected for the Berlinale Series 2021.

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