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Drawing Lots

Original Title: Loto- ლოტო

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Short synopsis

Love and crime and secrets and dreams intertwine in this ensemble tale that wends its seductive way through a tight-knit community in a Georgian seaside town. Nothing is as it seems in the modulating rhythms of fate, the shifting loyalties and the ultimate reality that “neighborhood” sometimes really means “family”.

Long synopsis

Drawing Lots is an ensemble tale of subtly interlinked stories set in a close-knit neighbourhood of Georgia’s second city, Batumi. The lives of neighbours such as a talented and troubled aspiring rock star, petty criminals, a concert violinist, angsty and love-struck teenagers, betrayed lovers, fractured families and many others intertwine in various ways, some expected and familiar, some surprising and secret, some contentious, some passionate and forbidden, but always coloured by the underlying tribal magnetism of community.

In this unassuming urban enclave, everybody is looking for something – money, treasure, friendship, success and, especially, love. But each quest is elusive in its own way, as these engaging characters learn one by one that desire is as changeable as a young man’s heart.

The title refers to the central image of the neighbours playing a bingo-style game, their cacophonous and good-natured bickering exemplifying the community’s dynamics, and the game itself exemplifying the randomness of life, the fickleness of fate.

Technical Information

2022; Drama; Georgia, Lithuania; 84 minutes; B/W; DCP; ProRes HQ; Sound 5.1; Original language: Georgian; Subtitles: English

Director and writter
Zaza Khalvashi

Levan Kukhashvili

Giorgi Shvelidze

Sound design
Jonas Maksvytis

Original music
Minco Eggersman

Sulkhan Turmanidze, Ieva Norvilienė, Tekla Machavariani



With the support of
Georgian National Film Center Lithuanian Film Center
Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara

Inga Jakhutashvili

Guladi Goguadze

Leila Bibineishvili

Son in law
Anri Mutidze

Lika Demetradze

Suzana Grigoriani

Omar Beridze

Nodar Qiqava

Giorgi Pirtskhalashvili

Anka Eliseenko

Nika Zoidze

Nana Kikvadze

Tamila Meishvili

Ana Sakhltkhutsishvili

Zura Gorgiladze

Mariam BItsadze

Lasha Kontselidze

Eter Gobronidze

Zurab Kavtaradze

Zaza Khalvashi was born in 1957 in Batumi, Georgia. Dies in 2020 in Tbilisi, Georgia.

In 1979 graduated from Tbilisi State University faculty of philology, then completed a course at Tbilisi Rustaveli Institute of Literature. In 1982 graduated from Tbilisi State Institute faculty of film directing, studied under two prominent Georgian directors’ supervision – Tengiz Abuladze and Rezo Chkheidze.

Before Winter 2020 he divided his time between his art and teaching. As a full professor he gave lectures in film directing at Batumi State Art University, also managed Film and Television Department. On the other hand he was the founding manager of film studio BAFIS, which produced his two latest films – “Solomon” and “Namme”.

Zaza Khalvashi has served on a number of significant public posts in the Adjara region of Georgia, namely in 2004-2005 he managed Public TV and Radio Corporation of Adjara region; in 2007-2012 he managed Batumi Chavchavadze State Drama Theatre and in 2013-2016 he was chairman of the board of councilors of Public TV and Radio Corporation of Adjara region.


Time- short film/1981/ Director
Echo- short film/1985 /Director, Writer
There where I live – feature film/ 1992 /Director, Writer
Miserere- feature film/1996/Director, Writer
Round Dance of Wolves- TV series, 12 episodes/ Imedi TV 2004/ Director Solomon- feature film/ 2015/Director
Namme- feature film/ 2017/Director, Writer

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