Original Title: Iluzija


MIRAGE is a beautiful and tragic tale of a talented schoolboy driven to despair by bullying, neglect and betrayal set amidst the turmoil of modern day Macedonia...

Marko's world is collapsing around him. Gambling and alcohol poison life at home, while ruthless bullies make school unbearable.

When his teacher encourages the talented 12-year-old to enter a poetry competition which could win him a trip to Paris, he dreams of escaping from the weary world he has been born into.

As circumstances grow worse, Marko sinks deeper into his refuge of hopes and dreams. When he befriends a solitary soldier of fortune, Marko learns hard new lessons in how to survive, he must either "eat or be eaten". Ultimately, in seeking justice for a betrayal too bitter to swallow, Marko takes matters into his own hands.
MIRAGE - EastWest Filmdistribution GmbH