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The Prosecutor The Defender The Father And His Son

Original Title: False Witness

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The Hague, The International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia:

Two ambitious lawyers face each other in the trial of Milorad Krstic, who’s accused of committing war crimes as a commander in the Bosnian war. The defender, Mikhail Finn, has managed to refute all the accusations against his client. Convinced of Krstic´s guilt, Catherine Lagrange, the prosecutor, summons a young man with incriminating evidence against Krstic. He claims to have been abandoned by his parents as a child and to have been one of Krstic’s soldiers. Defender Finn starts to investigate in order to verify the witness’ testimony – and soon encounters the young man’s family.

Inspired by a true story.

Technical Information

2015; Bulgaria, Netherlands, Sweden; Thriller; 105 minutes; DCP, HDCAM-SR; 1.77:1 (16:9); 5.1 mix; Original Language: Bosnian, English, Swedish


Iglika Triffonova


Iglika Triffonova


Rali Ralchev


Toma Waszarow


Rossitsa Valkanova, Petra Goedings, Ulf Synnerholm


Romane Bohringer


Samuel Fröler


Izudin Bajrović


Ovanes Torosyan


Nermina Lukać


Krassimir Dokov


Igor Skvarica


Labina Mitevska


IGLIKA TRIFFONOVA studied film & TV at the National Academy of Theatre and Film Art in Sofia. Her career began with a series of documentaries, the first being YEAR OF 1990 (45 min), documenting the year after the fall of the Berlin wall. The film was selected by numerous festivals (Marseilles, Oberhausen, Potsdam) and won First prize at “Prix Futura”, Berlin, 1991. Among her other works of this time are POSSIBLE DISTANCES (1992), about the distances separating a Bulgarian man and a Turkish woman – called by the critics a “documentary love story” – and MURDER STORIES (1993), being the confessions of three men who have committed murder – the film was at Marseilles and Mannheim and was awarded The Golden Rose for best Bulgarian Documentary in 1994. The film played an important role in forming the public opinion during the debate against the death penalty held in Bulgarian in the early 90s and had a strong influence on the themes contained in THE INVESTIGATION.

Her first feature was LETTER TO AMERICA (2000), and was awarded 9 national prizes, including the Bulgarian nomination for the 2001 Oscar awards for best foreign film and was selected by over 45 international festivals.

THE INVESTIGATION (2006) is her 2nd feature. It has been awarded 11 national prizes and 7 international awards so far.

Iglika lives in Sofia with her husband, the actor Hristo Gurbov, who plays the husband in THE INVESTIGATION.

Selective Filmography

Feature Film

2006 The Investigation

2001 Letter to Amerika

Feature Documentary

1995 Po patya

1994 Portret na edna aktrisa

1992 Vazmozhni razstoyaniya

1990 Leto gospodne 1990



1993 Razkazi za ubiystva


International Film Festival Bosnia Herzegovina Looks Around
18 – 22 December



Nov 08 – Aug 13 (in competition)


Oct 08 – 19 (in competition)


Istanbul –


Special Mention

Oct 06


Sep 30 – Oct 06


Aug 24 – 28 (in competition)


Yerevan –


International Feature – Jury Special Mention

Jul 17


Jul 10 – 17 (in competition)


Apr 16 – 16


Mar 04 – 31


Trieste –


Central European Initiative Award

Feb 02


Jan 22 – 30



Tallinn –


Special Mention

Nov 28


Nov 13 – 29 (in competition)

Interview with director Iglika Triffonova

“When Bosnians or Dutch people watch the film, I am hoping they will consider me as one of their own. I hope it becomes like Goran Bregović’s tune “Weddings and Funerals Orchestra”, when the four female vocalists start singing “Aide Jano!”: nobody ever thinks aboutthe fact that one of them is Bosnian, the other Macedonian and the other two Bulgarian. The ecstasy, the depth of the pain and the indescribable beauty of hope become a wholesome one. The song resonates as if sung by four sisters. I hope the film will give out that same impression…”


The relativity of Justice

“‘The Prosecutor, the Defender, the Father and His Son’ (…) centres on a case at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, but succeeds in being more than just a courtroom drama. Although the notion of justice, this pillar of democracy, is of paramount importance in Triffonova’s screenplay, the feature also reaches through to the wider space of what is both just and humane, regardless of the law.”



Romane Bohringer experienced acting and filmmaking from early childhood on through her father, the French actor Richard Bohringer. With him, she first appeared on the screen in 1986’s “Kamikaze”. But it was her performance as Miranda in Shakespeare’s “The Tempest“, directed by Peter Brooks, that first brought her broader recognition and led to further roles.

In 1993, Bohringer was awarded with the César for her performance in Cyril Collard’s successful “Savage Nights”. This was the beginning of her cinema career: Bohringer often played tormented but strong women, as seen in “The Accompanist”, “Mina Tannenbaum” and Gilles Mimouni’s “The Apartment”. She has appeared alongside actors like Gerard Depardieu in “Colonel Chabert” and Leonardo DiCaprio in “Rimbaud Verlaine”. Her most recent films include “The Ball of the Actresses” and Gilles Bourdos’ “Renoir”.

Romane Bohringer continues working for cinema, TV and theatre. She is married to actor and screenwriter Philippe Rebbot. The couple has two children and lives in Montreuil.

Selective Filmography

Feature Film

2012 Renoir

2009 Le Bal des Actrices

2000 The King is Alive

1996 L’Appartement

1995 Rimbaud Verlaine

1994 Le Colonel Chabert

1992 L’Accompagnatrice

1992 Les Nuits Fauves


Igor Skvarica is an actor, known for “Porodicni album” (2011), “Sa mamom” (2013) and “Cefurji raus!” (2013).

Selective Filmography

Feature Film

2013 Cefurji raus!

2013 Sa mamom


2015 Da vam nacrtam

2013 Redikul

2012 Sistem

2011 Porodicni album


From 1978 – 1981, Dokov studied at the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts – Sofia, Bulgaria – acting for drama theater in the classes of prof. Nikolay Lyutzkanov with assistant Margarita Mladenova. During his career, Dokov has played more than 50 characters in the theater and has starred in many features. Awards in the theater: 1988 – Best Leading Actor, Theater Festival, Bulgaria; 1989 – Best Leading Actor, Theater Festival, Bulgaria. He is a member of the Union of Bulgarian filmmakers.

Selective Filmography

Feature Film

2011 Avé

2010 Zad kadar

2009 Prima Primavera

2009 Kozelat

2009 Raci

2006 Nosht i den

2006 Razsledvane


Nermina Lukac was born in Montenegro and moved to Sweden with her family as a small child. In 2012, she took the leading role in Gabriela Pichler’s “Eat Sleep Die”, which celebrated a huge success at various European film festivals and brought Lukač the Swedish “Gold Bug” award for the “Best Actress” and various other prizes.

Although celebrated as the European shooting star of 2013, Lukac doesn’t want to make acting her main profession. She was somehow overwhelmed by the success of “Eat Sleep Die” and prefers to continue her work as a youth pedagogue in Helsingborg.

Selective Filmography

Feature Film

2012 Eat Sleep Die


TV Series

2013 Sommarkväll

Ovanes Torosian

Ovanes Torosian is an actor, known for “Iztochni piesi” (2009), “Avé” (2011) and “Tilt” (2011).

Selective Filmography

Feature Film

2014 Adultery

2014 Sadilishteto

2013 Otchuzhdenie

2012 Krapetz

2011 Avé

2011 Tilt



2014 Lighthouse Woman


Izudin Bajrovic graduated from the Academy of Performing Arts, Sarajevo, in 1987. That same year, he became a member of the National Theater in Sarajevo, where he is still working until today. Bajrovic has played in various Bosnian theatres and is best known to foreign audiences for his appearances in “Halima’s Path”, “Fuse” and “On the Path”.

Selective Filmography

Feature Film

2014 Reket

2012 Halimin put (Halima’s Path)

2010 Cirkus Columbia

2007 Zivi i mrtvi



2010 Na putu (On the Path)


Samuel Fröler originally worked for a clinic specialized in adolescent psychiatry before he decided to become an actor. He attended the drama school in Göteborg and was a member of the ensemble of Stockholm’s City Theatre for several years. Fröler’s breakthrough came with the TV series “Tre Kärkelar”, where he played an officer of the Swedish air force. Impressed by his performance, Ingmar Bergman engaged Fröler to take the role of the director’s father in Bergman’s autobiographical film “The Best Intentions”(1992). “The Best Intentions” received the Palme d’Or in Cannes and Fröler was nominated for the prestigious Swedish film prize “Gold Bug” in the category “Best Actor”.

Fröler has starred in a great number of Scandinavian and international films and is noted for his appearances in “Pure” and in the TV series “Seks Som Oss”. Moreover, he is known as the Swedish dubbing actor of Shrek in the homonymous animation series and has released his own music album, which had lots of success and made it to the Swedish charts.

Selective Filmography

Feature Film

2012 Till det som är vackert (Pure)

2010 Pax

2003 Ulvesommer

2003 Octane

1998 Ögat (The Eye)

1992 Den goda viljan (The Best Intentions)


TV Series

2004 Seks som oss

1989 Tre kärkelar


Labina Mitevska was born in 1975 in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia. She studied at the faculty of Art and Archaeology at the University of St. Kiril and Metodi (Skopje) as well at the European Film College (Denmark) and the University of Arizona’s Department of Art History. She started her career by coincidence, starting in Milcho Manchevski’s film “Pred Dozdot” (1994) in the role of Zamira, a young Macedonian Albanian girl. Her next appearance was in the Macedonian theatre production of Tuku Taka Pod Oblaka (All of a Sudden Under the Clouds). In 1996, Labina played a supporting role in Welcome to Sarajevo (1997), directed by Michael Winterbottom, who next casted her in “I Want You” (1998). In 2000, she had the lead role in the Czech film “Loners”, and next appeared in “Too Bad That Balkan Express Was Already Used”, directed by her sister Teona Mitevska. Beside acting, a couple of her essays have appeared in the Macedonian magazines “Start” and “Dnevnik”.

Selective Filmography

Feature Film

2012 The Woman Who Brushed Off Her Tears

2010 Stapki v pyasaka

2009 9:06

2009 7 avlu

2007 Prevrteno



2008 Voix de garage