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Revenge of the Necromancer

Original Title: Lad de døde hvile

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Revenge of the Necromancer is a supernatural comedy about a teenaged heavy-metal Satanist named Jimmy who wants to use magic to bring his dead mother back to life. But his occult ritual goes horribly wrong, unleashing a long-dead Necromancer who holds Jimmy’s mother’s soul hostage. Now Jimmy and his high-school friends must work together to save his mother’s soul and prevent the demon from conjuring an army of the undead, all while negotiating the equally troublesome landscape of budding high school romance.

Technical Information

2018; Lad de døde hvile; Denmark; Supernatural Comedy; 104 minutes; DCP, ProRes; 1:1,77 (16:9); 5.1 mix; Original Language: Danish; Subtitles: English


Sohail A. Hassan


Sohail A. Hassan, 

Kristoffer Jacob-Andersen           


Adam Thulin


Sohail A. Hassan 


Jonas Frederik


Jannick Raunow


Pure Fiction


Jakob Hasselstrøm


Razi Irawani


Sidse Kinnerup


Maria Fritsche

Sohail A. Hassan

Danish director Sohail A. Hassan is a great admirer of genres like Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Adventure since childhood. REVENGE OF THE NECROMNACER is his first feature. Beside commercials, music videos and TV- documentaries he wrote and directed the shorts INMATE 48 (2014), NO GOOD DEED (2012) and several others.



Soundvenue, Denmark – Oct. 31st 2020

“Revenge of the Necromancer Danish lowbudget horror comedy is formidable entertainment”

“Enthusiasm is probably the word, that best describes “Revenge of the Necromancer”. You can clearly feel that the writer/director Sohail A. Hassan has a great love for the horror and adventure genres. As such it feels like watching the early works of directors like Peter Jackson and Sam Raimi, where the creativity will not be restrained by the lack of funds to realize the vision”.

Claus Nygaard Petersen – Soundvenue DK

Planet Pulp – Nov. 13th2018

Yes, finally it happened! A really well working Danish horror comedy for a youthful audience, has seen the light of day. Made by people with a perfect understanding of it takes”.

By Jacob Krogsøe

Heaven of Horror – Oct. 18th2018

Revenge of the Necromancer is an entertaining horror movie with humour, charm and a solid production”. “With its limited budget, it is much more than the sum of its parts. The movie is almost a schoolbook example of how sticking to your vision can create a great movie”.

By Karina “ScreamQueen” Adelgaard

Nordic Fantasy – Oct. 3rd2018

Black magic is not the most common theme in Nordic horror or fantasy, so thankfully it is a theme in the upcoming Danish horror-comedy Revenge of the Necromancer”.

By Glenn Folkvord

Lars Ahn Danish Horror Authors own blog – Oct. 14th2018

The movie is full of energy and the story is told in a tempo, that never lets you get bored.”

By Lars Ahn

Horror Trailer – Dec. 23rd2018

From #Denmark, that one seems to have it all.
#satanism #blackmagic #monster #metalhead & I can feel that 80’s #horror feel to it. Watch Out for that one!”

ByPhil Galliano

Rating awerage on IMDb May 1st2019 8.3 (59 votes)

Reviews from IMDb users:

Rating 9/10

An enjoyable film!

ewplmusic5 March 2019

It’s a well-paced and entertaining film with characters who quickly grow on you. The music helps tell the story well and knows when to comedically play on the viewer’s expectations”.

Rating 8/10

This is rock n’ roll!

tobz-841-79072528 April 2019

A highschool kid unwittingly unleashes an evil spirit, when trying to get in contact with his dead mother. Now he’s on ends with his only friend, the nerdy new kid, and the popular girl tries to stay even further away from him than she did before. He has to find a way to mend ways with his mate, maybe get that one kiss in store – oh yeah, and save his mother’s soul from eternal damnation, and save the town from a zombie apocalypse. Highschool is hard!

Holy crap, this film is rock n’ roll, through and through! The love for the ‘Eighties cinema is oozing out of it, but without trying in the slightest to pretend that’s it’s from that time. It’s a horror comedy that actually works in both directions, and it’s a (almost) no-budget film that looks (almost) high-level pro. It’s not filled with tongue-in-cheek references to other films, and it’s not meta. It’s just damn fine entertainment through and through, made by a love for the medium. It was great being able to catch this in the cinema, and while it may be some time yet before it gets there, I can’t wait to have it on my shelf and rewatch this. Had I had this as a kid, I would have absolutely loved it. Now, as an adult, I’m happy to say I still absolutely love it! Stay metal!

Rating 10/10

What an adventure!

mariadob12 October 2018

It’s a movie with amazing actors who all made me laugh through the whole movie. Everything is an amazing adventure and its totally made to all the people who loves a bit spooky or scary comic horrormovie

Quotes from audiences (translated from Danish):

Shut up what a great movie. I was totally entertained. It really funny, exiting and scary… and touching. I’m tripping over the cast. They are amazing. I hope they’ll make a sequel”.

Fucking funny, exiting, horrific, dirty, satanical and super nerdy”

Scary, but funny… LOVED IT!”

A phenomenally entertaining Danish horror comedy, which I recommend wholeheartedly. There are lots of laughs and excitement, with some scares blended in “for good measure”. It’s Goonies meets Ghostbusters”.

Top! Funny, entertaining and a great soundtrack. A fine story about horror and craziness”.

A good scare and great entertainment. The movie has it all. You’ll laugh, cry a tear and hide from fear. Jumpscares and a good story. Just as I like it”.


Super cool movie”.

Top entertaining Danish horror comedy. We want more”.

Really funny and entertaining horror comedy”.

Great humor. A breath of fresh air for Danish genre films”.

It’s been a long time since I laughed that hard in a cinema. I recommend it wholeheartedly. It has it all. Humor, horror and drama. I give it top points”.

It captivated us. We laughed, were scared and cried”.

A great movie. Great acting by dead and living alike”.

This movie deserves more attention”.

It’s a scary good movie”.

A wonderful film. We were top entertained. It’s the Danish Evil Dead”.

A brilliant movie that balances humor and horror really well. Believable, engaging and funny characters, that the actors succeed in bringing to life. All in all a really great experience”.

I was so lucky to see it in the cinema. I recommend every to watch it in the cinema, if they get a chance”.

Fantastic entertaining and engaging movie. It flexes perfectly between suspense and cheeky humor. It’s been a long time since I had this much fun at the cinema”.

Really good. Could have used an extra pair of hands to hold over my ears”.

A crazy good movie”.

Super good movie. Well made. Scary funny. Top points”.