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The Electrifiers

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The band “The Electrifiers” won the 1984 Best New Artist Award for their smash hit which no one remembers and has been stuck in traffic on the fast track to international stardom ever since. 30 years later, the band members, continue to drag themselves between gigs at nursing houses and cheap B&B’S. The lead singer, Mickey Tevel, a once charismatic showman, is still leading the life of a 20-year-old rocker: dreaming of making it big while living hand to mouth out of the band’s van, conveniently parked in his ex-wife’s garage. Mickey won’t stop messing up and letting all his band members down, as well as his teenage daughter, but just as everyone is about to become completely fed up with him, a surprising, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presents itself, which could deliver the band’s long awaited comeback, and propel them straight to the top.

Technical Information

2019; Comedy, Music; Israel; 90 minutes; DCP, ProResHQ; 5.1 mix; Original Language: Hebrew; Subtitles: English

Sarel Piterman, Zvika Nathan, Shir Reuven
Boaz Armoni
Itzik Portal
Production Designer
Danny Avshalom, Mor Barak
Costume Designers
Lital Goldfine
Galit Shnadiman
Ran Bagno, Zvika Nathan, Ilan Shas
Sound Design
Yossi Appelbaum, Oded Ringel
Amit Ginton
Maya Fischer, Adi Bar Yossef
Executive Producer
Thomas Alfandari
Zvika Nathan, Gal Greenspan, Roi Kurland
Production Companies
OSN Films, Green Productions
Miki Tevel – Zvika Nathan
Dudu – Tal Friedman
Victor – Eli Yatzpan
Anna – Tamara Klingon
Roni Katz (Organist) – Sharon Alexander
Nisim (Guitarist) – Yigal Adika
Avi Barak (Drummer) – Uri Hochmann

Boaz studied Cinema in the Beit -Berl College of Art and graduated with honors in 2006. His short movie Desert Trains (2008) was participated in many festivals around the world and won several awards. After graduating he specializing in historical drama productions such as Acre Prison Break (2011) (2014) and Love Letters from the War (2014) (2015). His first feature film Mesuvag Harig (2015) (2016) had a Successfull theatrical release in Israel and had a worldwide distribution. In 2019 he directed his second movie, the musical comedy HaMechashmelim (2019) . In addition, he directed commercials and films for visitor centers and commercial companies.

The Singer, actor, musician and recording artist Zvika Nathan was born in Jerusalem. He graduated Theater School, majored in drama at The Tel Aviv University, has the Master’s degree in Business at the Tel Aviv University, the Pre-Bachlor’s degree studies in Composition at Music Academy “Rabin” at The Tel Aviv University and the Pre-Master’s degree studies in Film School at the Tel Aviv University – majored in directing and producing.
Zvika Nathan played the leading role in Sunstroke by Yaki Yosha and was part of the acting team in Dudu Topaz and Shmuel Imberman’s Film Tel Aviv, Los Angeles. He served in a military band during his military service.

Miami Jewish Film Festival

Boston Israeli Film Festival

Milwaukee Jewish Film Festival

Festival du Cinéma Israélien de Paris

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