Whispers Behind The Wall @ Fantastic Fest Austin

We're proud to announce that Whispers Behind The Wall is invited to the Fantastic Fest in Austin September 18th to 25th!


Our latest acquisition: Dreams of a Clown

We're proud to announce our new acquisition Dreams of a Clown directed by Dieter Auner (Off the Beaten Track). The film shows the life of a family in a travelling circus.

‘Dreams of a Clown’ is a universal yet intimate portrait of a family seen through the eyes of 8 year old Blake Gerbola, who is dreaming of following in his father’s big footsteps.

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Theatrical Release of Keep Rollin' in Germany

Camino Filmverleih released the German-Swiss production in German cinemas on June 5th! Keep Rollin' will be released in Switzerland in 2014 by Praesens Film.

The film was directed by Stefan Hillebrand and Oliver Paulus - both already experienced directors. The sporty Swiss actor Joel Basman convinces in his performance of a quadriplegic teenage boy, fighting is way back to life!

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October 13th to 15thMeet: Yannick Rudynski, Maja Zaric

Marché du Film - Cannes

May 14th to 21stMeet: Sasha Wieser, Steve Walsh, Yannick Rudynski, Maja Zaric, Stephanie Sedlak

The Financing Forum for Kids Content

March 11th to 13thMeet: Maja Zaric

Cartoon Movie 2014 in Lyon, France

February 28th to March06thMeet: Sasha Wieser

EFM in Berlin - Martin Gropius Bau Booth Nr. 117

February 06th to 12thMeet: Sasha Wieser, Steve Walsh, Yannick Rudynski, Maja Zaric, Stephanie Sedlak, Serina Wieser

Rome Business Street

November 13th to 15thMeet: Yannick Rudynski

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