EastWest Market Screenings @ EFM

Never Die Young Feb. 05th - 04:45 pm - CinemaxX 18

The Island of Secrets Feb. 09th - 09:15 am - CinemaxX 18

Dreams of a Clown Feb. 10th - 11:30 am - CinemaxX 18


Our latest acquisition: The Island of Secrets

We are proud to announce our new acquisition The Island of Secrets

15-year-old Toni has been forced to take a vacation in Greece with his dad, new step-mother and his two stepbrothers, 11 and 15 years old. While there, Toni meets a beautiful local girl named Adriana who is suddenly kidnapped. Toni understands he needs
his stepbrothers’ help to save Adriana. All together they will jump into the adventure of their life.

Read more...2015-01-09

87th Academy Awards

ELELWANI has been selected as the official Southafrican entry for the best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards. NEVER DIE YOUNG has been selected as the entry for Luxembourg.


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EFM in Berlin - Martin Gropius Bau Booth Nr. 125

February 05th to 11thMeet: Sasha Wieser, Steve Walsh, Yannick Rudynski

Natpe Miami

January 19th to 22ndMeet: Yannick Rudynski


January 18th to 20thMeet: Sasha Wieser

Baltic Event Tallinn

November 25th to 27thMeet: Sasha Wieser

Cottbus Film Festival

November 05th to 07thMeet: Sasha Wieser

Warsaw Film Festival

October 15th to 19thMeet: Sasha Wieser

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